Funny You Should Ask (seoinage) wrote in sasuke_kakashi,
Funny You Should Ask

[For Sale] Seoi's Weekend Bash!

[Updated 7/12 at 6:11 PM] 3 New Naruto Items Added in the Naruto Section (Incl. 1 KakaSasu DJ)

In order to round up enough funding for an upcoming trip, I need to part with some of my beloved toys such as figures, ufo catcher dolls, naughty doujinshi

Please take a look to see if anything catches your eye! First come first serve.

Some highlights:

Series Offered:
* BLEACH * Naruto * Nodame Cantabile * Studio Ghibli * xxxHolic * Gundam Seed * Juuni Kokki/12K * Saiunkoku Monogatari *Fruits Basket *

[It feels like I'm having a yard sale honey!]
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