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Kakashi & Sasuke

Kakashi & Sasuke

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Hello there!

A few warnings. This community is dedicated to the thought of a relationship between Kakashi and Sasuke. That means you are very likely to find shota-con. If you have a problem with shota-con, you might as well just leave now.

To those who haven't clicked the back button--welcome, welcome, to our humble abode! Like us, you see how positively adorable, wonderful, and often times sexy Sasuke and Kakashi can be. So feel free to join, and share whatever you have to share with us! There are a few, minor rules.

1) No flaming, no squabbles. I won't accept it. In my opinion, it is bannable on the first offense, but it depends on the individual case. Remember where you are and what you ship; no criticizing other people for their taste.

2) Stay on topic! Any general discussion of Naruto can surely be posted to chuunin. Posts can be about Sasuke or Kakashi individually or, obviously, together. And if your fic/art has a different main pairing but Kakashi/Sasuke in the background, feel free to post it!

3) Anything that is explicit or not safe for work should be behind a cut and marked as such.

That's it! Pretty standard rules, and they should be easy to follow. Hopefully, we can all play nice and have plenty of fun here. Don't be shy! We need active posters!

Your two mods are errata_sonata and kyouke_no_miko, and feel free to contact us if there's any problem at all! My e-mail address (errata_sonata's, that is, if you hadn't figured out by the e-mail address) is listed above, and I would be glad to hear from you.